2017 Rules:

1.  Entry Fee: There is NO Entry fee for the series! By riding in any one of the six series races you are automatically entered into the series.  No minimum number of  races to be in.  You are responsible for the entry fee for each race you ride in.

2.  Riders will obey all rules and regulations of each individual race.  The series will simply tabulate your scores based on the races you ride in.

3.  Classes/Awards:  The series will have only THREE Classes.  Expert, Sport, & Female(sport and expert depending on attendance).   Awards will be given to the Top 5 experts, Top 10 sport and Top 3 females.   These numbers may change depending on attendance.  (More riders, pay out to more places) 

4.  Points:  You will be awarded points bases on your finish order in the three classes noted above.  DNF’s will be assigned a minimum for starting the race.

5.  Drops:  We will drop your lowest score of the six races.  Your 5 best scores count!  You can drop the last race, the PBF.

6. Ties: In the event of a tie, the best time at the Peanut Butter Festival will break the tie.  (If still tied, best time at Shannock Valley.  If still tied, best at Fat Tire. Still tied, best at Dash 4 Cash)

7.  You must be present at the Peanut Butter Festival awards ceremony to claim your prize.  We will not give your award to a friend, etc. Unclaimed prizes will go back into the general fund for the series.  

Any questions, contact us at

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